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We Buy Houses 7 Reviews

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We are grateful for our extensive network of home sellers who have worked with us. Below you'll find reviews from some of our home sellers to hear just how happy they are with We Buy Houses 7!

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"My husband and I are newlyweds with no savings. The small condo I owned for years was not big enough for the two of us, so we knew we needed to purchase a home. With hardly any money to use, I reached out to We Buy Houses 7 to see what my all cash offer would be. The offer presented was better than I was expecting and allowed my husband and I to make a down payment on our first home."

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Lindsey S.

Pearland, TX

"I had many pet in my mobile home and a bit of damage to floors and cabinets because of them. To my surprise, We Buy Houses 7 was interested in my small property and helped me sell in record timing. Couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with! In the end, my cash offer was better than I’d hoped for."

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Jack A.


"Moving from California to Texas was something I always dreamed of, but I had my grandparents' old home in CA to sell first. A local realtor suggested thousands on repairs prior to putting my inherited house on the market. When I spoke to We Buy Houses 7, I immediately knew there were no hidden fees or tricks. They were straightforward and I was able to move because of Sell My House Fast!"

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Michelle L.

Thousand Oaks, CA

"We Buy Houses 7 had a great, honest team. They were transparent about every step of the process and made sure I understood what was going on throughout the selling process. I did not know much about selling houses or what my options were, but they answered every single question along the way!"

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Loretta R.

Highlands Ranch, CO

"For my family and I, we needed a quick sale. I needed a company that would outline the process and work fast. We Buy Houses 7 did exactly that and exceeded my expectations! I was blown away at the quick turnaround times."

we-buy-houses-justin-reviewbuy my house companies

Justin N.


"I felt embarrassed as I was facing foreclosure and ran out of options. We Buy Houses 7 was the one company that gave me hope and explained my options, which I didn’t think I had any to begin with. I was really happy to be able to sell my home and found this company at just the right time. I would recommend them to anyone."

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Eliza R.

Sunnyvale, CA

"My sister and I loved our shared duplex for years. We were in the same house, but each had our own space. When it came time to sell, we wanted to put in no money for renovations. We ended up splitting the cash offer that was presented and were both happy in the end. The selling process was quick and simple, thanks to We Buy Houses 7."

we-buy-houses-ian-reviewbuy my house companies

Ian C.

Cary, NC

"We Buy Houses 7 has a really nice team, good communication and used Layman’s Terms to make sure I understood all my options. I’m really thankful I found this company and would absolutely recommend it to anyone."

we-buy-houses-michael-reviewbuy my house companies

Michael R.

The Woodlands, TX

"Grad school was taking up every bit of my savings. I needed to move cities for a job I landed after graduation, but had about two weeks to do so. I didn’t think anything could be sold in such a short amount of time, but the team over at We Buy Houses 7 did just that! The sale was fast, the all cash offer was a nice bonus and my timeline was met. Really glad overall!"

we-buy-houses-lori-reviewbuy my house companies

Lori G.

Olathe, KS

"Growing up in a shared townhome was nice, but when it came time for selling, my family faced many issues. Short on money to fix a bad mold issue, we didn’t know if selling was even going to be realistic. We Buy Houses 7 reviewed our home details, our ideal timeline, and still helped us get an amazing cash offer! This company really helped my family out in a hard time and I recommend their team."

we-buy-houses-brittney-reviewbuy my house companies

Britney D.

Arvada, CO

"Inheriting property wasn’t something I was expecting and I had little to no money for any type of repairs or renovations. Part of the basement had mold and water damage, so I didn’t think the house could be sold. Thankfully We Buy Houses 7 reviewed all the details of my new property, walked me through each step and I took the cash offer as soon as I saw it come through. This team was great!"

we-buy-houses-jacob-reviewbuy my house companies

Jacob S.

Carlsbad, CA

"My grandparents were hoarders and it added so much stress to my life. I didn’t have time between work and my family to go through an entire hoarders house prior to selling. Before starting, I reached out to We Buy Houses 7 just to see if selling was an option. My entire family and I are really glad this company works with anyone’s situation and actually cares for their customers."

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